Thursday, November 12, 2009

Joke >>>>> What are you doing?

A cowboy is walking in the woods one day when he comes to a clearing. There on a blanker is a naked Indian, called Jabelite, with a ha*d on.'

"What are you doing?" the cowboy asks.

Jabelite replies, "Me tell time."

"OK. If you are so good, what time is it?"

Jabelite looks down at his pr*ck and the shadow it's casting and says, "It's 2 o'clock."

The cowboy looks at his watch and says, "Be golly, you are right!"

The cowboy starts waking again and comes upon another naked Indian lying on a blanket. "Don't tell're telling time too?"

The Indian looks up at him and says, "Yes, me telling time."

"Okay, smart-ar*e, what time is it?"

The Indian looks up at the sun, then down and says, "It's four o'clock."

The cowboy is amazed at the Indian. He keeps walking and hours later he comes upon an Indian on a blanket, wan*ing. "Don't tell me you're telling time!"

The Indian looks up at him and says, "No, me winding watch!"

Joke %26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt; What are you doing?
ha ha ha he he thanks for the laugh
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Reply:Very funny, hahahahahahahah
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Brilliant one again Fidgety.!!!

Me Tell time with Totem Pole, lol.!!!

10/10 Lady.!!!

Still smiling here, cheers.!!!
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